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School Resources and Links – COVID–19

A number of schools have offered to share information, resources and links during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Come and See Reconciliation Topic Resources for Home Learning Packs:

Early Years Home Learning and Background Notes (word)

Year 1 Home Learning and Background Notes (word)

Year 2 Home Learning and Background Notes (word)

Year 3 Home Learning and Background Notes (word)

Year 4 Home Learning and Background Notes (word)

Year 4 Confirmation topic for the Sacramental Preparation class (word)

Year 5 Home Learning and Background Notes (word)

Year 6 Home Learning and Background Notes (word)

Come and See Pentecost Resources for Home Learning Packs:

Background Notes for Parents: Home learning RE:
Early Years (word) Early Years (word)
Year 1 (word) Year 1 (word)
Year 2 (word) Year 2 (word)
Year 3 (word) Year 3 (word)
Year 4 (word) Year 4 (word)
Year 5 (word) Year 5 (word)
Year 6 (word) Year 6 (word)

Secondary Home Learning Resources:

This document contains links to free web material that will help you with your home learning during this period of school closure.

St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School, North Shields - Pentecost Resources:

EYFS Pentecost Good News (ppt) Year 1 Pentecost Holidays and Holydays (ppt)
Year 2 Pentecost Spread the Word (ppt) Year 3 Pentecost Energy (ppt)
Year 4 Pentecost New Life (ppt) Year 5 Pentecost Transformation (ppt)
Year 6 Pentecost Witnesses (ppt)  


St. Gregory’s Academy, Stockton Key Stage 2 Pentecost Resources:

Year 3: https://stgregorysacademy.org.uk/information/homework/year-3/year-3-re/
Year 4: https://stgregorysacademy.org.uk/information/homework/year-4/year-4-summer-2020/
Year 5: https://stgregorysacademy.org.uk/information/homework/year-5/y5-summer-term-home-learning/
Year 6: https://stgregorysacademy.org.uk/information/homework/year-6/y6-summer-term-home-learning/


St. Mary's First and St. Joseph's Middle School, Hexham:

Years 3 and 4 Pentecost Project: (pdfword).

Year 5 Pentecost Project:

Pentecost Project Year 5 (word) Act of Worship (word)
Acts 2: 1 - 43 (powerpoint) Acts 22: 6 - 16 (powerpoint)
Galatians 5: 16 - 17, 22 - 23 (powerpoint) Luke 24: 13 - 35 (powerpoint)
Romans 8: 14 - 17 (powerpoint)  

Year 6 Pentecost Project:

Pentecost Project Year 6 (word) Act of Worship (word)
Acts 1: 6 - 14 (powerpoint) Acts 6: 6 - 7 (powerpoint)
Luke 24: 44 - 49 (powerpoint) Matthew 28: 16 - 20 (powerpoint)


St. Aloysius, Hebburn: Childcare Structure Week One (word)

St. Gregory's Academy, Stockton:

  • Tips for home learning (word)

  • Nursery home learning (word)

  • Reception home learning (word)

  • Year 1 home learning (word)

  • Year 2 home learning Spring (word)

  • Year 3 home learning Spring (word)

  • Year 4 home learning sheet (word)

  • Year 5 home learning tasks (word)

  • Year 6 home learning (word)

Northern Saints Catholic Education Trust:

  • Advice and Gudidance for staff (word)

  • Draft table for determining risk (Headteacher only) (word)

  • Homeworking policy (word)

  • Monitoring Form (word)

  • Response to COVID–19 – protocols (word)

  • Eisk assessments for infectious diseases (word) – example (pdf)

  • Schools response to COVID–19 (word)

  • Script for form tutors (word)

  • Transport protocol (word)


Teaching Personnel Online Teaching:

Click here to view document.

E:Learning Platform now available:

Teachers can now register for the E:Learning Platform, a partnership between Ten Ten Resources and the Catholic Education Service in conjunction with the Department for Education. The online course provides training for teachers in Catholic primary and secondary schools on the new statutory RSHE (Relationship, Sex and Health Education) curriculum. Course registration is free of charge and available here.

Ten:Ten are offering free access to some of their resources during school closures:

A free Extended Trial of ‘Life to the Full’, available until Friday 22 May 2020:

Ten:Ten suggest that this is an opportunity for staff – including home-working staff – to fully review the materials and plan the school’s Relationship and Health Education programme in readiness for statutory RHE, starting in September 2020.

School Resources

CAFOD - Education Resources

CAFOD Primary Home Learning Resources

Mission Together: Home Activities

NATRE Free Resources

STEM remote courses for Primary Teachers

STEM remote courses for Secondary teachers

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